Firearms Applications

  Instructions for obtaining a Firearms ID card or Permit to Purchase a Handgun  


  1. Complete your application on-line at Raritan Township residents only will enter the following department ORI#- NJ0102100. If successfully entered it will display Raritan Twp PD. Please ensure you are selecting Raritan Township (Hunterdon County) as the department which covers your residence. If you are unsure, please contact this department. If an incorrect ORI number is entered on the application, it will be sent to the incorrect agency which will enable you from retrieving any firearms documentation. This will only be rectified by reapplying with our department and submitting our departments ORI#. No refunds will be given.


  1. Initial first-time applicants must be fingerprinted. The required fingerprint form with instructions will be provided while completing your application online. This form will need to be printed and submitted to Identico (Morpho Trust) who will conduct your fingerprint process. You as the applicant will need to schedule your fingerprint appointment and pay the fingerprint payment which is listed on the form. The results of your fingerprint background will be sent to this department.


  1. If you have previously applied with this department or already possess a NJ Firearms Identification card through another agency and currently reside in our jurisdiction, your Firearms ID card number (SBI#) will be needed to complete your application. The SBI# is located at the bottom left-hand corner of your Firearms ID card. If you are unable to provide an SBI#, you will need to contact either this department or the NJSP Firearms unit to obtain said number.


  1. Firearms Purchaser Identification cards and Permit to Purchase handguns are now accessible online, (E-ID, E-Permits).  Applicants no longer need to pick up paper permits or the paper ID cards from the Raritan Township Police Department. You will receive an email at the completion of our department’s background process.


**Do Not contact this department inquiring updates on your firearms application. A representative from the police department will contact you with any questions, payment submissions or if any issues arise.


**Fees for permits as well as firearms identification cards will still need to be paid in person at our police headquarters providing either a personal check or money order made out to Raritan Township. Your payment will be listed after you, the applicant submits the FARS application to this department


Initial Firearms Identification Card: $5.00

            Permit(s) to Purchase a Handgun: $2.00 per permit

            Change of Address, Change of Name, Lost/Stolen/Mutilated card: No fee


**Once payment is submitted to our department and our background process is completed, you will receive an email from NJPortal advising you your firearms purchaser identification card and/or permit to purchase handguns has been “Approved”. Your identification card will be accessible in the email for you to review and print out. Your permits to purchase handguns will be accessible by visiting with a Firearms Licensing Dealer (FFL) who will assist you in the purchasing process. The FFL will access your E-Permit through the NJ FARS System and complete the permit transaction online.


** This application process is applicant driven. Please ensure all responses are filled out correctly (Name, DOB, phone number, email, etc). Also ensure you provide the correct contact information for your references specifically email addresses.

** A Firearms ID card does not expire though it must be replaced if the applicant changes his/her address, name or the ID card is lost/stolen or mutilated. An applicant’s previous FID card will need to be provided to this department upon receiving a new FID card. Permit(s) to Purchase a Handgun are valid for 180 days (6 months) from the date of issue.


** The falsification of any information provided on any firearms application is a violation of N.J.S. 2C:39-10c which is a third-degree crime and can result in criminal charges against you.


Any firearms related questions can be directed to Dsg. Garbolino (ext.3344) or Dan Campbell (ext.3318) at (908)782-8889.